Running or Walking, What’s really better for your body?

By | April 26, 2017

Walking and running are the most common thing in many people’s lives (Alternately see our article that includes virtual bicycling). People will either walk or run on a daily basis. Whether to work or to any other place or even at times for exercise. This is something that many people will engage in on a daily basis. Therefore, identifying the implications of these two activities to the body are somewhat very important to people around the world. Understanding that it is very good for you to exercise is great. It will also be good to identify which of the two is good and the best for you as an individual.

The two activities have different end games. There are various facts that are very important to look at when determining which the best is. Here is Paige Greenfield’s take on the matter over at Remember people are different. This therefore means that these two activities will have different implications and effects differently on these people. For example for people who are old to exercise, they should walk and not run. This is because of their age and their body. Sometimes this is also because of their health too. For these people walking is the ultimate answer. This way they are able to keep healthy and not engage in strenuous activities such as running.


is running or walking better


In other instances, when looking to control your weight, this could mean reducing it or keeping it constant, running does win this round. Through running, you will be able to get a better workout and burn some of the excess calories and fat from your body. When you establish this is your motive, then running will definitely be the go to exercise you would want. Sometimes people could couple the two for workouts. This means that you run for some time then rest by taking walks.

For people in various states, these two workouts might have different effects. You need to evaluate where you are to really determine what you can do and why you need it. Running can be strenuous on the body unlike walking. It however burns more fat than walking does. This way you will be able to keep a lean body and be healthy. On the other side as much as walking is not strenuous, there is also not many calories burnt. In most cases, this is a cardio workout which people do to keep healthy. Therefore when determining what you want, you will therefore know which is good for you.

Running and walking are good exercises. Very many factors have however to be looked into to determine which is the best for an individual at a certain time of their life. In other cases a doctor should be involved to determine which is good if the person’s health is at risk. This is very important for different people. You should be very clear with your action plan and the end game goal for you to know which one you should pick. The idea behind it is knowing what is good for you and taking the initiative to work towards your goal.

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