The theme of this blog is Health, Fitness & Spirituality and all closely related peripheral subject matter.

My personal journey through life has been a strange one at times. I was once a ‘go-getter’ and materialistic. That changed in 2007/8 when the credit crisis hit. To me, having worked within the financial industry, I could see it was planned and engineered. It was designed to cover-up the casino like ponzi schemes of Wall Street and worldwide activities.

I decided from then on that I would try to find a way to live without a materialistic attitude and be a go-getter for good… and not selfishly for myself. It’s been a long journey and I have ventured down many paths, finally realising that all paths lead to God. You may mock, however, from where I came and where my mindset is today, God exists.

In that regard, I simply blog what I think and what I want to share. If you like it, you like it, if you don’t you don’t. This blog is an open book. Use it, read it or disregard it. It’s always your decision.

Contact me if you have stories to share or subject matter you want me to investigate and post. This is as much your blog as mine. Feel free to contact me with ideas.