Benefits Of Running And Walking

Running And Walking Exercise

Running And Walking Benefits Explained

Walking and running are the most common thing in many people’s lives . People will either walk or run on a daily basis. Whether to work or to any other place or even at times for exercise.

This is something that many people will engage in on a daily basis. Therefore, identifying the implications of these two activities to the body are somewhat important to many people around the world.

Understanding that running and walking are both very good is key. Not a single activity should be done to the detriment of another. Both are easy, both are simple and both forms of exercise are great.

Nevertheless, these two activities have different end games. There are various facts that are very important to look at when determining which is the best for you.

People Are Different

This therefore means that these two activities will have different implications and effects differently on these people. For example for people who are too old to exercise, generally speaking, should walk and not run.  This is because of their age and their body.

Sometimes this is also because of their health too. For these people walking is the ultimate answer. This way they are able to keep healthy and not engage in strenuous activities such as running. Sounds like common sense but some older people are a little stubborn!

Reasons For Exercise

When looking to control your weight, could mean the desire to reduce it or keep it constant. Running is best in this regard. When running, you are able to get a better workout and burn some of the excess calories and fat from your body. A combination of running and intermittent walking is a great way to burn fat, stay in shape and still lose the body weight you desire.

Running can be strenuous on the body unlike walking. It however burns more fat. This way you will be able to keep a lean body and be healthy. On the other side as much as walking is not strenuous, not many calories burnt.

Cardio Workout

Running and walking are good exercises. They are very good cardio workouts and will help to oxygenate the blood and therefore your overall body.

Many factors however, need to be looked into to determine which is the best for an individual at a certain time of their life. You may want to seek the advice of a Doctor before entering into any type of exercise regime.

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